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Welcome to Glaves Butchers - North Yorkshire

Glaves Butchers, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, AbattoirWe are a family run Butchers shop established in 1973 by Brian and Doreen Glaves and are situated on the A170 between Scarborough and Pickering (North Yorkshire). We sell Beef, Lamb, Pork, Poultry as well as Award winning Pies and Sausages all our produce is locally sourced, also coming from our own farm.

EEC Approved All the meat is processed under one roof in our EEC APPROVED Abattoir & Boning Room Licence number 2085.

All the pies and sandwiches are prepared on the premises daily and sold fresh each day.

Our farm as well as rearing stock for the shop also rears sheep and cattle for breeding and selling to other farmers and small holders.

Our Pork Pies are no longer available by mail order.